Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution


Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution


Regarding the growing significance of renewable energy in the world, MBN has set up RUNIR Co., with the aim of diversification into renewable energy by leveraging MBN’s experience and capability to implement projects in this sector.
To implement renewable projects successfully, Runir has heed particular attention to the design, installation, and commissioning of GIS and AIS substations up to 400 kV given the important role of substations in the grid connection of renewable energy sources.
Besides renewable, this company has also focused on conventional energy to increase the capability of this holding in executing infrastructure projects on International markets.

Scope of work:

• Solar power plants
• Photovoltaic power plants
• Hydro power plants
• Wind power plants
• Gas power plants
• AIS and GIS substations up to 400 Kv
• Transmission lines up to 400 Kv
• Distribution networks up to 66 Kv



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